Transportation Options

Get Around Kauai website: Check out the Get Around Kauai website. This is hosted and maintained by Kauai county to provide a comprehensive list of evolving transportation options on Kauai. Kauai’s goal is to add new options over time, so check back with this website as you get closer to your trip.

Rental Cars:

We recommend renting a car to fully experience all Kauai has to offer.  A basic economy car will do.

We are not aware of any special deals or special methods to secure a good deal. We’ve described on this page everything that we know about getting around on Kauai.  A basic internet search on the car rental companies’ websites and also the discount online travel websites like Kayak, Travelocity, Expedia, etc. will pull up the current market prices for your stay. This is a car sharing service where car owners rent their personal cars.

Taxis and Airport Shuttles: These services exist but the vendors tend to change from time to time. We recommend you do a general internet search on “Kauai airport shuttle” or “Kauai taxi service”. Contact the company directly and reserve an airport pickup or drop off in advance.  Taxis are not commonly used for transportation on island aside from reserved airport pickup or drop off service.

Uber and Lyft:  These services run on Kauai. That said, Kauai is rural and the availability of drivers, as well as the cost of the ride, will vary frequently.

Walking and Biking:

We are located on the Kauai Bike Path and right in front of Coconut Marketplace where you can pick up essential groceries and deli items. There is Bobby V’s (Italian) in the Coconut Marketplace and several other places that serve more takeaway style food. The further you are able to walk or bike along the bike path, the more options you will have! The town of Kapa’a is about a 2-mile beautiful walk away up the bike path along the ocean (walking north, ocean on your right). Within 2 miles you will pass Hukilau Lanai (next door), Java Kai, Kountry Kitchen, The Local, Sam’s Ocean View, and lots of additional dining options, as well as the Safeway grocery store and Papaya’s natural foods store.  Walking south (ocean on left), Lava Lava restaurant and bar is next door! It is Kauai’s only “toes in the sand” dining. It’s a great spot.

To rent a bike, internet search “bike rental Kapa’a” to identify the current vendors in the area who are renting bikes when you are visiting. There are always plenty of options in the Kapa’a area but the locations and vendors change often.

We are located right on the beach so you won’t need to drive anywhere to see, hear or smell the ocean! Your transportation needs all really depend on how far you are able to walk or ride a bike and how much exploring you plan to do during your stay!

Additional options: 

Click here for additional Kauai transportation suggestions from the Hawai’i Tourism Authority.