Pool, Hot Tub, Grill

Swimming Pool:

We have a swimming pool available for your use!

Pool Shower for Red Dirt and Sand (near the pool bar):

We would be grateful if you do not wipe red dirt off with our towels because the red clay will stain and ruin them. Beach sand will clog and damage our shower plumbing and doesn’t feel good under your feet either! Please rinse off red dirt and sand at the pool shower before heading to the condo after your beach and hiking adventures. A big Mahalo for your consideration!

Hot Tub / Jacuzzi:

We have an outdoor hot tub available for your use. To turn it on, look for the timer box which is attached to the building wall closest to the hot tub.

Wet towels and swimsuits:

We have a towel rack on the lanai wall and a wooden fold-out drying rack on the lanai as well to hang all of your wet items. Please do not hang towels from the lanai railing as our HOA prohibits this.

Grill / BBQ:

There is an outdoor grill available for your use. We have grilling tools in the drawers in our kitchenette area.