Check-out: By 11:00 AM on check-out day

Please note that we cannot offer a check out time after 11am. All luggage and personal items must be removed from our condo by 11am. Housekeeping will be arriving at 11am sharp clean for arriving guests. Mahalo for your consideration.

Below is our easy check-out process:

  1. Check out time is 11:00 am or earlierCheck out after 11am is not permitted.  
  2. Please note that the beach towels, bath towels, beach goodies, and other items we provided for your stay should remain in our condo. Please do not take or pack our condo amenities as these were intended for you to enjoy during your stay and to remain for the next guests to enjoy.  Mahalo!
  3. Place used beach and bath towels in the bath tub.
  4. Double check all drawers, cabinets and wall outlets to ensure you have packed all of your belongings and do not have any forgotten items. Take all personal items with you.
  5. Remove and throw away all food items from the refrigerator.
  6. Please discard all food and trash in the bins outside before you depart to prevent insects and odor.  The trash bins are on the bottom floor of our building.
  7. Close the lanai door and lock it.
  8. Please close the front condo door and double-check that the door is locked when you depart.
  9. You do not need to check out at the front desk. Discard your parking pass. That’s it, we take care of the rest!

Tips for guests with night flights:

Because check out time is 11am and some guests schedule flights that depart at night, we offer our personal advice along with tips our guests have shared with us!

  • If your flight departs at night, we suggest consider booking an extra night so that your check out day is the day after your night flight. This way you can enjoy your final day on the beach or exploring the island, grab a bite to eat, return to the condo in the evening to pack and shower up, then head out at night to the airport for your night flight back home.  Many guests find this to be a comfortable way to spend their last day on island, especially because we are quite close to the airport.  This way you have a full, relaxing last vacation day on Kauai before packing and heading out to the airport at night.
  • If you do not book an extra night, our wonderful guests shared this great tip:  You can purchase an inexpensive visitor day pass at the YMCA in Kapa’a. Our guests told us they enjoyed their last day working out in the gym and had a nice shower at YMCA before heading to the airport. We haven’t tried it ourselves, so please contact YMCA directly for more information.
  • We recently came across this “resort day pass” option at the Royal Sonesta resort near the airport. We have not tried it, but if you do, please let us know about your experience and we will share it here in our guidebook!
  • Refer to our list of things to do in the Check In section of this guide.  There are many fun things to do after 11am check out time and your night flight to make the most of your final hours on Kauai!