Food Trucks

East Shore:

The food trucks move around a lot in Kapa’a. There is a consistent, yet ever-changing cluster of food trucks next to Otsuka’s furniture store on the north end Kapa’a.  You can’t miss them if you ever drive toward the north shore.

Subject to constant change: 

Scorpacciata  Neapolitan pizza that is quite good!   Very highly regarded.

Fish tacos – There are numerous fish taco trailers and they are all popular. Delicious and fresh!

Hawaiian plate lunch – When you see a plate lunch trailer, especially one with a line, this is a good chance to try a local meal. We love Moco Loco, Wing Dings, and just about everything else. We especially love the scoop of macaroni salad traditionally served with Hawaiian plate lunches as well.

Near Duke’s in Lihue – There is a small cluster of trailers across the street from the shops near Kalapaki beach. It’s a good spot if you are in the area. We especially like the trailer with the Hawaiian plate lunch that also serves yummy, freshly made bubble tea drinks with real fruit.

North Shore:

The Wishing Well  Hanalei.  Serving organic shave ice, acai, coffee, smoothies and more.

Trucking Delicious  Hanalei. Popular place for local style plate lunches.

South Shore: 

The Fresh Shave  Koloa. A must-do stop after a day on the Southside!  100% natural fruit syrups. It’s just the best!