Laundry Services





Fluff and Fold Laundry Service

Plaza Laundry (Cash only):  Wash & fold laundry service. 10-minute drive south toward Lihue. We take our laundry here and recommend it. Tip: Drop your laundry off in the morning on your way to the South Shore for a day at the beach or exploring on the West Shore. On your way home, pick up your laundry.  It will be clean and folded neatly. We love it!  And next door is Konohiki Seafoods, our #1 favorite place for fresh poki, Hawaiian style nigiri sushi, and bento boxes!

Self-Serve Coin Operated Laundromats 

Laundromat Express: Very close, less than a 5-minute drive down the road heading north (ocean on right). They have free Wi-Fi internet as you wait. We really like it.